Frequently Asked Questions about Properties and Lettings

1) Do you provide a maintenance service, if anything goes wrong? Yes, we provide a maintenance service. We are responsible for all the maintenance and viability of the property itself, the furniture and all the appliances in the house. In the event of any failure, we will repair or replace with new. However, if there is any wilful damage by the tenant, there will, of course, be a charge.

2) Do I have to provide a deposit and if so, how much? There is a damage deposit. This guarantees that we keep available the property for you. It also ensures that you as tenant understand that you will suffer a loss in the event of non payment of the rent or as a result of any damage. The deposit varies according to the value of the contract and the property. All deposits are registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. A copy of the Certificate can be supplied at the start of your tenancy. Learn more here: www.mydeposits.co.uk

3) Can I give you some notice and leave my contract before the end date? No. Your contract is for a full fixed term. You are responsible for the property and the rent until the end of the tenancy.

4) Can I stay in the property for another year? Yes. We have a number of tenants who are happy with us and vice versa. We are very happy for them to stay on for a further period. We usually do not raise their rents, but ask for an early decision at the start of our letting season.

5) Do I have to pay an administration charge for the letting and the contract? No. At present 90% of our properties do not attract an agency/ admin fee. Please enquire at the outset.

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